PT20 Pallet Truck

2,000-kg Capacity

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Electric Pallet Truck

The ergonomically designed BYD pallet truck offers maximum versatility due to its standard foldable platform and foldable side support protection side bars. It can be used to speedily load and unload trucks as well as in reduced space warehouse operations.


Efficient top charging of the lithium iron phosphate battery allows for increased productivity and lower operating costs.


As with any other BYD forklift, the life time battery can be partially charged and never needs to be removed, thus increasing operator user friendliness and safety, while greatly reducing fatigue.

Every forklift features as standard equipment:

  • Highest level of quality design and construction
  • Proprietary lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Ultra-fast charger (Up-side charging inlet)

Operator Platform

Shock-absorbing and anti-skid platform

Delivers stable and comfortable standing for operator.

Electric Tiller Steering


Electric Power Steering allows the operator to maneuver the pallet truck with great ease and reduces fatigue.

Automatic Shutdown


Automatic shut down when handle is released or in vertical and horizontal position.

E-Stop Button


Easy to shut down... optimal location of the emergency stop button.

Battery charger combinations:

The BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can be fully recharged in just 1.1 hours, and be used immediately after without the cooling time required in common batteries.


Several chargers are available to customize the charging time to the customer needs.  The BYD battery and the BYD chargers are based on 80V lithium iron phosphate technology.  The higher charging and discharging efficiency of the battery provides the same kWh as a larger nominal capacity Lead acid battery.

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