PWX & HWX 30/40   Walkie & Walkie/Rider Pallet Truck

Electric 24 Volt

6000 / 8000 lbs  (2720 / 3630 kg)


Applications: Manufacturing & Warehousing


Features & Options:

PWX/HWX...The foundation of the CLARK Powrworker® line continues to set the standard for rugged dependability since its introduction as the industry's first hydraulically powered low-lift in 1920.

WP 30   Walkie Low Lift Pallet Truck

Electric 24 Volt

3000 lbs  (1360 kg)

Applications: Light Manufacturing, Grocery & Delivery Trucks


Features & Options:

DRIVE MOTOR - 24-Volt permanent magnet DC drive motor increases efficiency and duty cycle

BRAKES - Parking brake is automatically applied when truck stops and handle is released

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - Lift cylinder has durable, chrome-plated lift rod provides smooth lifting and lowering

STANDARD BATTERY - 70Ah (AGM) Absorbed Glass Mat battery pack for extended run times - up to 4.5 hours

ON-BOARD CHARGER - Standard 110V three-prong outlet plug for convenient charging

STANDARD EQUIPMENT - Quick disconnect EPD power cut-off, hour meter, and battery discharge indicator all come standard

WPX 45   Walkie/Rider Pallet Truck

Electric 24 Volt

4500 lbs  (2045 kg)


Applications: Manufacturing & Warehousing


Features & Options:

ERGONOMIC STEER/CONTROL HANDLE - Solid steel tubing arm and handle designed to outlast cast aluminum or plastic designs

OPERATOR CONTROL - Handle offers travel, lift and lower functions all accessible without the operator having to lift a hand from the handle

ANGLE GRIPS - Designed to allow easy operation with either hand

WRAP AROUND STEEL GUARD - Reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard

MINIMUM STEERING EFFORT - Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort

GAS ASSISTED SPRING HANDLE - Gently returns handle to vertical position

CRAWL SPEED FUNCTION - With the steer handle at 5┬░ back-tilt from vertical position operator has ease of use in tight areas.

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